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Petnature pet food line of COREN SA Industry has been specially designed, in order to offer our customers a Premium product , that will be covering all the essential pets’ needs, without the end consumer having to compromise , regarding his family budget.


As a complete and balanced pet food, it is already successfully tested and very promising in the pet food market field, providing probably the best alternative to the demand of a high quality pet food , in the current times of financial difficulties.


It offers a vast variety of maintenance, energy, growth , small breeds, sterilized cats foods e.t.c. All of them packed in very attractive packaging of 2 or 10 kg.


Privilege line pet foods are regarded as a real privilege, for the pets which are fed with them , as well as for the professionals who provide them.

Privilege pet foods consist the new Super Premium Line of the well known Coren spanish industry, which also specializes in the area of foods’ development/production, meant to be consumed by humen. It has been specially developed, so as to fully cover even the most demanding pets’ needs.

It is exclusively made of raw materials , used in the human foods’ production, that are main sources of protein, carbohydrates, micronutrients. vitamines, minerals and essential amino-acids. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 as well.

Regular controls are conducted, ensuring full compliance with the regulations of Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Its main competitive advantage is the fact that its main source of protein comes from hydrolyzated chicken meat. Hydolysation is a method by which protein’s chemical compounds are split in less complex ones so that the whole digestion becomes easier and effortless. Moreover, its absorption is much more fast than any other kind of protein. In this way, a High Biological Value pet food is created, that significantly helps to avoid any allergies as well as food intolerances.

Despite all its long list of advantages, its prices’ levels are exceptionally well- without any exaggerations, thus making it an absolute "Honest" product, when also taking in account the low necessary consumption dosage.

Being suitable for all kinds of breeds, by offering a vast variety of specialized codes to choose from, which covers any pets’ age, size and activity level needs, Privilege line consists a unique solution that which should be provided by every store.

Economy Line

Our lowest priced pet food line for cats and dogs are made in Spain. The provide an excellent value for money price and have been very successfully established in the European as well as Greek market during the last 20 years, since they consist a much wanted solution both for store holders and consumers.

ROKUS - Proven quality at the most friendly price

Rokus Quality cat-foods.
Available flavors: Beef, chicken, venison,vegetables, liver, lamp, duck











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